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Beautiful comfortable sandals

I love the design and how comfortable the sandals are, however I give it 4 stars because the heel strap it’s difficult to put on. The sandals seem to be for women with narrow feet and low arches.

Too tight

High arches too tight strings, no give

Completely in love

I ordered these sandals online after seeing them in an instagram ad. I am completely in love with my Bokynas. I wear normally size 7 and half for women, I ordered size 8 and the fit was perfect! I like the color and the materials. It is comfy, it is light, and it looks good. I would definitely recommend it.

Comfortable and small enough!

I have small feet. I need a size 5, but so many companies begin adult shoes at size 6. Plus, ordering shoes online without getting to try them on is always a risk, so I was not sure about these when I ordered them. But, when they arrived and I tried them on, they fit so, so well (size 36 is a perfect size 5), and since they are the first sandals I've worn since last fall, I was worried about wearing them for very long because I thought my toes would need to get used to having a strap between them again. But, nope! I wore them all day, including taking my dog for a long walk in them. Not sore at all. I'm writing this review during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I live alone. So, getting outside for a walk with my dog is really important for my mental health. I bought a pair of each style. They are both great.

Too narrow.

Not adjustable for wider feet. Would have to pay to return them so ended up giving to a friend. She loves them.

Cute and stylish

The sandals are not as comfortable as the description made them out to be, but I liked how the straps moved to fit and they fit well. They are better if you are quite flat footed and the base is hard. The first time wearing I had a few sore spots, but breaking them in helped.

So cool

Love both pairs do comfortable when your on your feet all day.

Perfect! Beautiful!

These are gorgeous. I’m an 8.5 and I ordered an 8. I did that because I measured the sole of a pair of sandals that I currently own and I decided the 8 would fit. They fit perfectly and I have to say that they aren’t tight at all. I do have a narrow to normal foot. It just became warm outside, so I can finally wear them!


These are too narrow and my feet aren't super wide. They looked nice otherwise. Sending back.

I have fairly average feet but find these extremely tight, really suitable for narrow feet, otherwise they’re pretty unwearable

I was so excited to get my candles, I even brought one size up, but the rope didnt go around my heel. It might look long enough off your foot, but once one, the back strap was under my foot. Why don't you add some elastic to that back strap, so it fits snuggly?

Love my Bokynas so far!

I rarely order shoes or sandals online but was very tempted by the apparent style and practicality of Bokyna sandals and after a bit of research, took the plunge and ordered a pair of Soulmates. I have absolutely no regrets! The online ordering process was simple and tracked delivery was fast. The sandals look and feel fantastic - in fact, I barely notice them on my feet, they are so comfortable. The fit, thanks to info provided on the Bokyna website, is perfect. Bokyna Soulmates are lightweight, pack flat and come in their own little fabric bag, which makes them ideal to pop into a backpack or suitcase for a trip to the beach or further afield. It’s too soon to tell how durable they are but everything else has been as described so I have confidence that my Soulmates will stand the test of time. If they live up to expectations, this will not be the only pair of Bokyna sandals in my wardrobe by the time next summer arrives ...

Like the look but too hard to get on

These look great but its hard work getting them on. Maybe after I force wear them a few times they might stretch? I don’t have big feet either.


I have been sitting on the fence for a while now about whether to buy my Bokynas' . I am the $10 Kmart shoe type of girl but thought I would go for something a bit more but without breaking the bank in the process. I received my Bokynas' super quickly considering I live on an island off Queensland, and they are perfect. The size was perfect, they are just as pretty in real life, and the ads and reviews you see , do not lie! They are comfy! Within days I wore them to the beach and rock hopping. I am definitely hooked and am going to order more pairs !

Don’t get what you really want...

I was disappointed to order the style that I wanted, only to get an email a week later (after a big sale) telling me that the size I ordered was no longer available. Therefore had to change color, and color is not true to picture at all...

Wide feet dont go up a size

I have wide feet so went up a size based on reccomendations however they dont fit properly and my feet move making it difficult to walk. Unfortunately they will just sit at the bottom of my wardrobe

run small

way too small

🙌 💯 Love❤Love💛Love💚 💯 🙌

Soo comfy, they look smart 😊
Love ❤ my black Bokyna sandals so much, I bought me another pair in the caramel brown 🤩

My sandals are lovely. Very comfortable and quite dressy too

Bokyna Purchase

I really liked the look of the Bokyna Zebra sandals, the purchase experience was easy and the communication was fantastic with the product arriving within a great time frame. Unfortunately once the sandals where received I found that I could not put them on properly as the back strap will not go over my heel. There is simply no give in them at all. I purchased a size 7 and they fit perfectly everywhere else except that back strap. Now I am unsure if I should return them or cut the strap off (which of course changes the whole look of them). Have you any suggestions? Is this a problem other people are finding too?
Thanks Amanda


My 2nd pair arrived this week. Really fast delivery from Australia to NZ. I am so in love with these sandals. Super comfy, can walk long distances in them, they look great, and perfect sizing. My 1st pair are a year old and still in perfect condition, i just needed a a 2nd colour 😊 They are honestly the best summer shoe I have ever owned!

Never received

My order was placed and then I was told it wasn’t available.

I did not get this order

I did not get this order because the shipment failed once and the product was sent to a "return warehouse". Apparently it was the last pair but they just did not brother to pick it up from the warehouse and ship it to me again. Instead, they say it's out of stock.

Cute sandals

They are cute, kinda on the small and slim side. Not very comfortable.

Super comfortable! Very nice craftsmanship. I wear a 6.5 and the 7 is just a little big—barely noticeable. And I’m thinking the 6 would’ve been too small.I also have a narrow heel and but no sliding experienced. Love them!

Size Chart
UK EU Sole Length Sole Width
3 36 23.7 cm 9 cm
4 37 24.5 cm 9 cm
5 38 25 cm 9 cm
6 39 26 cm 9.5 cm
7 40 26.7 cm 9.7 cm
8 41 27 cm 10 cm
9 42 27.7 cm 10 cm
10 43 28.5 cm 10 cm

Choose the right size

Bokynas are true to size, choose your regular shoe size. 

If you have between two sizes we recommend to choose the larger shoe size.

The measurements in the size chart refer to the length and width of the sole, not the length or width of your feet.

If you have any questions write us a message.